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Borčanskih žrtava 1914 br.19, Borča, Belgrade
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Selidbe BeogradAttractive prices for moving

Prices for movings may be formed by phone or upon arrival at the location thrue estimation.

Prices for movings depends on several factors, so we wrote to you some approximate prices.

Price list...

Workers and packing into boxes

We offer services of manual workers and packing things in yours or our boxes.

Relocation Service ...

Protecting furniture

During moving the furniture, if is necessary or at your request, we can protect it with buble or stretch wrap.

Selidbe BeogradMoving in Belgrade

Prices for movings - Palilula starting price 15€
Prices for movings - Zvezdara starting price 18€
Prices for movings - Belgrade starting price 23€
Prices for movings - Serbia
Prices for movings - Montenegro

Prices for the van transportation ...

Serbia and Montenegro

Price for van transportation for Serbia and Montenegro are the same, and are calculated for each passed km + road tax for Serbia or customs charges for Montenegro.

Prices for transportation...

Van transport

Special benefits for companies and regular transports.

magacinski prostorNew in offer

Transport of goods by truck 5t from Vienna and Munich at very affordable prices as well as transport trucks. Special benefits for transport from Russia.

Warehouse space

We offer you storage space to store items at the best prices.

Price of warehouse space...

Special load

We have specialized team to transfer heavy loads: cash registers, piano, servers, racks, etc.. Such heavy loads, it is best to carry with straps, which is the safest way for cargo and workers.
This form refers to the transfer of loads up to 400kg.


We are moving company which provides services of movings and transport in Belgrade, Serbia and abroad.

Abaco Trans offers cooperation and security, which is essential in our business. Accuracy and precision in every aspect of our business.

To us customers always come first. That is something we want to be identified as the main virtue of our company from the very begining. We are committed to provide our customers with the best services, regardless of the specific requests for reasonable price .

For us, there are no holidays, working hours, as well as weather conditions (rain, snow ...).

Abaco Trans team

Our goal is your recommendation.
We strive to build a successful team of people who work well together, proud to be a part of our team.

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