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Borčanskih žrtava 1914 br.19, Borča, Belgrade
Phone: 062225666

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and many other satisfied companies and individuals.

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In order to improve the general business communication, we ask all users of our services to send us feedback with comments, compliments, criticisms or suggestions on the work and behavior of employees.

Your Team Abaco Trans.

The quality policy

If you want to succeed, dont let it be your goal. Simply do what you love, believe in it and success will come on its own.
David Frost

To us customers always come first. That is something we want to be identified as the main virtue of our company from the very begining. We are committed to provide our customers with the best services, regardless of the specific requests for reasonable price. For us, there are no holidays, working hours. We strive for progress towards new business opportunities and challenges. The basis of our vision is a positive change, expanding the number of vehicles, growth and investment in people, driven by optimism, creativity, ambition and responsibility.

AbaCo Trans team

We strive to build a successful team of people who work well together, proud to be a part of our team.

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